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What to consider when creating your seating plan at your wedding

What to consider when creating your seating plan at your wedding

Another area in which wedding hosts can add to their guests’ enjoyment is careful consideration of the seating plan if a seated meal is being served.

Since guests will be sitting for some time, it’s important that they should be placed with people whose company they will enjoy.

So careful thought should be given to mixing generations. While this may be desirable in principle, it can lead to flagging conversation and awkward silences, which is why many wedding hosts play safe and sit people together who have most in common with each other.

Seating a couple of guests who get on well together at a table can be a successful way of finding appropriate company for those who will be attending the wedding on their own.

Consider each of these single guests in turn and select a table where they will have most in common with one or other of the couples who have already been allocated to tables.

When all the single guests have been ‘seated’ the other places can be occupied by the remaining guests according to occupations, interests, families, or anything else that links them.

As a general rule, couples are seated at the same table, though not side by side.

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