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Setting a theme for your wedding

Setting a theme for your wedding

The time of year in which you intend to marry provides an instant seasonal theme that can permeate everything from flower arrangements to the bride’s wedding gown, from food and refreshments to seasonal entertainment.

Every season has its distinctive colours and associations and by opting for a seasonal theme you can make the most of flowers and foods that are themselves in season.

The seasons are only one source of inspiration, however.

A growing number of weddings are styled to follow historical or period themes in which everyone can enjoy immersing themselves for a day in a bygone era. That could be as recent as a 1940s’ themed wedding or one as remote as a medieval one.

If organising a contemporary wedding is demanding, however, planning a successful period wedding will require an extra effort in ensuring that historical details are as accurate and as authentic as you can make them.

Guests will need to know at the time they are invited that the wedding has a period theme and a well-designed invitation can immediately inspire them to seek out an appropriate outfit.

So you will need to ensure that wedding invitations evoke the tone and feel of your chosen era.

This is the kind of detailed research that friends, possibly bridesmaids or ushers, might enjoy undertaking.

The same will apply to the décor and design of the wedding venues and here the proprietors may have useful experience of similar events in the past.

In the case of a medieval banquet, for example, they may know of musicians who play period instruments, or caterers who specialise in preparing medieval food.

History is only one source of inspiration. Weddings that take their theme from travel can be wonderfully exotic and truly memorable.

Here again, attention to detail is important and with everything else that needs to be arranged it may be wiser to concentrate on getting the key details spot on, without being over-ambitious in trying to get every tiny element right.

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